Wave Logic’s support function is a defining element of our services offering. Our goal is to provide high quality around the clock AV technical support to all our customers and exchange specialised AV expertise.

Need any AV Help or Technical Support?

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Knowledge Base

For more information check out the resources provided below:

Understanding EDID – Extended Display Identification Data.
Download the pdf
A thorough explanation of High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP in short. Read the article.
[source: Digital Connection]
HDMI troubleshooting
A useful guide (pdf) to troubleshoot HDMI issues. Download the guide. [source: quantumdata.com]
What is 4K
Learn more about 4K and 4K Ultra HD TVs. To read this article in full click here. [via James Rivington at www.techradar.com]
No more pixels?
New developments are underway which allow for vector graphics to be used for video. Read the article.